Citizenship, social movements and democratisation

This strand of my work recognises that even in contexts where a developmental consensus exists, social conflicts may arise, and almost inevitably, require a considerable degree of political inclusion in order to maintain coherent strategies of development. Much of this work focuses on citizenship regimes and contentious politics in Latin America and

August 8 March of university students to claim the 'right to education' in Chile

August 8 March of university students to claim the ‘right to education’ in Chile

Southeast Asia, examining the process of claims-making, political contestation, and demands formation at various scales and in different places. I have done some research on regional civil society activism in Asia through the Transdemos Project with Anders Uhlin, student protests in Chile, and together with Jean Grugel and Pia Riggirozzi, we are exploring what post-neoliberal citizenship might look like in the context of Left governments in Latin America.

A second strand of research on citizenship studies focuses on contentious politics in extractive states in Latin America and Southeast Asia. With commodity prices unabatedly high and new investments in resource sectors underway, social conflicts have played a central role in constraining states, multinational capital, and domestic big business from pushing extractive strategies of development. Hence, in relation to labour unions and organised civil society, collective actions have began to challenge not only the unequal distribution of resource rents, but importantly, the basic understandings of what and who development is for. I am the Lead Consultant for the UNRISD/UNICEF research on The Political Economy of Mining Governance and Children’s Rights in Asia Pacific, looking specifically in the politics of financing social investments and poverty reduction in the Philippines through extractive industries revenues. This is a collaborative endeavour with Jean Grugel and Pascale Hatcher.


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