Developing Compatible Energy and Climate Strategies

This collaborative research program assesses the constraints on the policies and initiatives that seek to overcome this dilemma in different parts of the world. It will explore ‘compatible climate and energy strategies’ through a series of case studies from the global North and South. ‘Compatible climate and energy strategies’ are initiatives, policies and governance mechanisms that can combine the need to supply secure and affordable energy while doing so in a way that reduces current carbon emissions and builds the adaptive capacity of societies to a changing climate. Potential solutions that will be assessed include carbon capture and storage, biofuels, solar energy, wind turbines, and others. We aim to address three inter-related scientific questions:

  1. How can we understand compatible climate and energy strategies, and what does it mean to different actors in different contexts?
  2. What are the political, social and economic constraints on the emergence of compatible climate and energy strategies?
  3. How can the constraints on compatible climate and energy strategies be overcome?

The program builds on an existing network and WUN funding is sought to consolidate the network and hold the necessary workshops to develop this research agenda into a major grant application for EU Horizon 2020. We seek to recruit new network members and will hold a meeting with the extended network in Bergen in Fall 2014. The plan is to publish a special issue of a journal with contributions from the network members. This initiative brings together expertise from different disciplinary backgrounds in politics, geography, and the wider social sciences and partnerships among the WUN members.


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